How One Mother Spreads Awareness of Everything a Child Who is Blind/ Low Vision Can Achieve

Although she shares she was initially “heartbroken” when she learned her infant son, Ashton, was born blind, Hilda Dunford has learned as much from him as he has from her. As she says, “He’s taught me how to see with my heart.” Hilda had Ashton when she was 21, her first child with her husband, … Continued

Braille Tales Builds a Foundation for a Lifetime of Literacy

Editor’s note: Early literacy via exposure to braille at young ages is important for children who are blind or low vision. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library provides books to children to provide exposure to literacy. But what about the children who need exposure to braille? Braille Tale is part of the solution. Braille Tales is the … Continued

Teaching Children Independence and Advocacy Skills from an Early Age

When a parent learns their child is blind or has low vision as early as birth, it can take time to accept. But it’s essential that children start learning key skills as early as possible. Giving children the tools they need to lead independent, fulfilling lives will give both children and their parents optimism about … Continued

Parents Gain a New Perspective on Their Son’s Albinism at NOAH Conference

When Brian and Danielle Ford learned their son, Benjamin, had albinism, they didn’t quite know where to begin. Brian shared his experience with APH FamilyConnect, writing about the diagnosis and the pursuit of getting Benjamin all the resources he needed. One of those resources was Melisa Matthews, a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) who … Continued

Holiday Gifts: Supporting Authors and Business-Owners Who Are Blind or Low Vision

Editor’s note: As you begin your holiday shopping, consider supporting individuals who are blind or low vision. Check out our list of books authored and small businesses owned by individuals who are blind/low vision. Holiday Gifts: Supporting Authors and Business-Owners Who Are Blind or Low Vision It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holiday … Continued

Transitions: National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Denna Lambert’s 19 Years at NASA

FC Editor’s note: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month! Let’s meet Denna Lambert, blind since birth, who has worked for NASA for nineteen years and counting. National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Denna Lambert’s 19 Years at NASA Denna Lambert started her career at NASA 19 years ago, and it all began with her taking … Continued

Transitions: Celebrating the Diversity of Hispanic Heritage with Albinism

Kayla Ludlow loves being a Latina. She’s proud of her Hispanic heritage – her father is from Ecuador – and even though her parents split up when Kayla was young, her American-born mother made sure to teach Kayla about her heritage, including encouraging her to learn Spanish and take Latin dance classes. But people don’t … Continued

What’s It Like to Get a Dog Guide? One Young Woman Shares Her Story

A guide dog is more than man’s – or woman’s – best friend. For people who are blind or low vision, a guide dog is a loyal companion that makes navigating the world easier. Emily Nelson, a 17-year-old high school senior from Indiana, can’t wait to get her dog guide. She’s doing her best to … Continued

Parents teaching children to be their own advocate is the lesson of a lifetime

It’s not unusual for parents to advocate for their children, even if they’re not blind or visually impaired. But Wendy Hardman and her husband, John, like many parents, did something even more valuable for their son, Cole: They taught him to advocate for himself from the start. (See related story on CareerConnect, Parents teaching children to … Continued