The Washington School for the Blind offers an after-school photography class. The purpose of the class is to provide visually impaired students an opportunity to create photographic art in a fun, non-technical environment. They are encouraged to create images that are inspired by their unique “mind’s-eye” and to communicate their personal representation of their non-visual experience. Acting as an interpretive conduit, the instructor represents the experience visually to the camera’s viewfinder composition. The result is an interpretive representation.

In the last class, students present their best photos to their classmates. Here are some of the photos produced by the students in last year’s classes.

tree branches glowing in sun

by Abby Griffith, age 18, blind

yellow maple leaf against dark tree roots

by Tanner Deck, age 14, partially sighted

closeup on the weather-streaked statue of an angel

by Amber Wiegand, age 13, partially sighted

closeup of a large white flower

by Heather Simmons, age 15, partially sighted

bumblebee on lavender blossoms

by Jackie Patching, age 18, blind

wheat stalks against a brilliant blue sky

by Justin Credle, age 16, partially sighted